France’s Covid-19 tracing app fails to engage with almost half a million users uninstalling service

Problems with France's Coronavirus tracing app. Credit: Twitter

THE French digital affairs minister Cedric O announced on Tuesday that the country’s controversial COVID tracking phone app has only alerted 14 users that they had come into contact with somebody who had suffered from infection since it was launched three weeks ago. The failure of a greater impact has forced almost half a million users to uninstall the app.

StopCovid tracks users who have been in close proximity of each other over a 14 day period. Should any become infected, the platform is informed and alerts the others.

Prior to its launch, officials ensured that the app was a vital tool for handling the spread of coronavirus, amidst major concerns for users privacy.

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Since StopCovid’s launch, 68 users informed the platform of infection whilst 14 people received an alert to say they were at risk due to contact with these people.

However, Cedric O defended the app, pointing out that the low numbers surely reflected a welcome decrease in infections.

The digital affairs minister stated that he had no regrets over the app, and argued that it would be an important tool should there be a spike in infections.


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