The Blues Had a Baby and they Sent Him to Spain’s Malaga City

Caption: One white man who can play the Blues Credit: RRF

On Friday July 24 at 10pm Richard Ray Farrell who was born on the New York side of the Niagara Falls will be bringing his style of Blues to the Costa del Sol.

He returns to Malaga City where he will appear at the Sala Cochera Cabaret with entry costing just €10.

Playing harmonica and guitar he has performed and sung alongside many of the American Blues greats and his performance covers country, rock, ragtime, swing and, above all, the Blues paying tribute to both Chicago and the Mississippi Delta.


Despite his upbringing in the US, he actually moved to Paris as a teenager, earning a living busking and then moved onto Spain where he busked but was also part of a Spanish Blues Band and is now a Malaga resident.


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