Specialised police unit keeping an eye out for anti-social behaviour in Costa Almeria resort town Vera

DISTINCTIVE: The group is kitted out in black uniforms and berets CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Vera

VERA council has created a special public safety group to keep an eye out for anti-social behaviour on the town’s streets.

Part of the Local Police force, the GIV Vera Intervention Group is focusing particularly on the most crowded areas, events and night-life “hotspots”, the hope that the police presence will deter any delinquents.

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The group is made up of five experienced officers, one official, and has the support of a canine support unit for their work in preventing the consumption of drugs in public areas, checking people and vehicles and patrolling at large public events.

The team members have their own distinctive black uniform and beret, and are equipped with anti-disturbance materials and cameras. They also have their own van kitted out with basic public safety equipment.

They patrol as a group rather than in pairs like the other police units.

Vera Public Safety councillor Alfonso Garcia explained this is the first specialised group of its kind in the region, and said it would contribute to reinforcing safety in both Vera town and on the coast, and at municipal mass events.

The group is operating for the first time tonight, the night of the traditional San Juan celebrations.

Vera council has closed the beaches until tomorrow to prevent large gatherings and the associated potential risk to public health due to Covid-19, and Local Police are ensuring people stay off the sand.


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