Madrid Demands EXTRA Restrictions for Travellers Flying into Spain from High-Risk Covid-19 Countries

Madrid wants extra restrictions imposed on travellers coming from high-risk Covid-19 countries. CREDIT: Shutterstock

The regional government of Madrid has demanded for additional restrictions to be imposed on travellers flying into Spain from high-risk Covid-19 countries.

IN a letter addressed to Spain’s Health Minister Salvador Illa, Madrid’s Health councillor Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has expressed his “deep concern” regarding the high risk of imported coronavirus cases arriving into Spain. He has also demanded an urgent meeting with Illa “to address the issue together.”

Travellers who now land at the Adolfo Suárez Barajas Airport in Madrid will undergo various checks – including visual checks, temperature controls and a form requiring vital information such as address during their stay in the country. However, Escudero believes these measures do not go far enough to stop potential cases of undetected Covid-19 from being imported and slipping through the net.

Escudero has therefore emphasised the “urgent need” for more control measures and restrictions imposed on travellers arriving into Spain, particularly arrivals at Madrid’s Barajas Airport. These include the restriction of flights from countries with a high Covid-19 rate, as well as passengers having to produce a negative PCR test that’s taken 48-hours before travelling to Spain. Madrid has yet to receive a response from the Spain’s central government.




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