Tax exemptions for Mojacar businesses, bars and restaurants to ease impact of Covid-19 crisis

GREEN LIGHT: The council unanimously approved the proposal CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Mojacar

MOJACAR Council has approved tax exemptions for local businesses, bars and restaurants in a move designed to help ease the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

The Mojacar authority gave the go-ahead to the move at an extraordinary meeting, held following strict safety measures, with councillors wearing face masks and socially distancing in the meeting room.

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On the agenda was the Finance Department’s proposal to modify the Ordinances Regulating Taxes, as well as the mayor’s proposal to subscribe to a four-year plan with the Almeria Provincial Delegation.

The Finance councillor, Francisco Garcia Cerda, outlined his proposal to incorporate into the Fiscal Regulatory Ordinance the municipal taxes normally collected for the occupation and use of public areas, with a single suspension of related fees, as well as for the use of public buildings and municipal facilities until the end of December.

The proposal also included a provision to incorporate into the Tax Ordinance the rates for vehicle access via pavements and reservations of public roads for parking vehicles and for loading and unloading of any kind for hotels and bar and restaurant establishments, again until the end of the year.

The proposals, which are in line with the council’s assistance plan to combat the effects of Covid-19 and the State of Alarm, got unanimous approval.

The meeting also included a discussion on the 2020-2023 municipal investment plan. The council explained Mojacar has signed up along with other provincial municipalities in the province, the aim to boost capital enterprise for the next four years.


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