Takeaway Driver in Costa Blanca’s Alicante Arrested for Sexually Abusing a Customer

Delivery Driver: Arrest in Costa Blanca's Alicante after driver sexually abuses customer Credit: Flickr

Local Police Officers in Costa Blanca’s Alicante have arrested a takeaway driver after he allegedly abused a customer in a sexual manner.

THE detainee has been temporarily released with a restraining order which ensures he cannot come near the victim.

According to the Superior Court of Justice in Costa Blanca’s Valencia, the sexual abuse crime has been forwarded as an urgent proceeding.

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The victim’s account contends that the alleged abuser, who works as a delivery driver for a fast-food restaurant, came to her home to drop off an order. Once he arrived he reportedly tried to kiss and touch her sexually which caused her to immediately call the emergency services.

The victim detailed that the man tried to remove her face mask to kiss her and when she refused he tried touching her genitals. The woman ran into her home where she called for help.

Once the officers arrived, they took down the young victim’s statement and began the search for her supposed aggressor, a 30-year-old man.


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