Stick to the beach rules or face €600 fine warns Torrevieja Council

Spain's families will holiday closer to home this year. CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

Torrevieja Council is warning that failure to comply with social distancing and opening times on beaches in the town may result in fines of €600 or more.

THE local authority is reminding that crowds are prohibited on public highways and spaces, and the beach is no exception.

Councillor for Security and Emergencies, Federico Alarcón, and the councilman of Beaches and Environment, Antonio Vidal, have referred to Torrevieja’s Protocol of Action for the management of the beaches 2020, which states swimming is only allowed between 8.30am and 8.30pm.

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And after 8.30pm, bathers must leave the beaches.

Alarcón said: “Torrevieja Council has taken the necessary preventive measures to address, after the lifting of the alarm, the needs arising from the health crisis caused by the Covid-19.

“However, at the same time prevention measures and capacity building must be accompanied by prudence and individual responsibility, so that self-protection becomes the most effective measure to protect the rest of the people.

“Non-compliance of social distancing may result in financial penalties exceeding €600.”




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