One Beach in Spain’s Costa del Sol Needs Traffic Lights to Control the Speeding Jet Skis

Just one of many close encounters Credit: Marbella se queja

FOR many years, Cable Beach in Marbella boasted a Blue Flag but lost it in 2018 and only regained it this year in 2020.

The Association of Environmental and Consumer Education (ADEAC) awards these Blue Flags based on its opinion of how well the beach is presented and whether it has clean water, well-kept sand, good lifeguard attention and is a safe, environmentally sound environment.

According to regular visitors to the beach, this flag won’t last until next year due to the danger being presented by out of control speeding jet ski riders.


They have been seen travelling at high speeds close to the popular beach with youngsters swimming and others in pleasure boats having to avoid racers who seem to have no regard for the safety of others and the environment.

This weekend Guardia Civil, Local and National Police were contacted and those complaining were told that nothing could be done as there was just one patrol boat that had to cover the waters from Fuengirola to Estepona.


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