Les Rotes beaches in Denia are so popular that numbers must be strictly limited to prevent overcrowding

LES ARENETES: Just 10 people should be using it at present, credit: Antonio Marin Segovia

DENIA Town Hall has concluded that Les Rotes can safely accommodate 399 beachgoers at any one time.
Following a municipal survey councillor Pepe Domenech’s Beaches department has set maximum-capacity figures ensuring that users of Les Rotes’ 11 coves and beaches can remain at the required distance from each other.
This section of Denia’s coast is routinely affected by overcrowding during the summer season, owing to demand coupled with narrow beaches, the councillor said.
El Trampoli has been allocated a maximum of 84 users and the Cala in front of Apartamentos Bremers can hold 64. Gosset accommodates 55, followed by Palmera (52) Punta Negra (50), Mena (39) Helios south (16), Helios north (15), Arenetes (10), El Pegoli (eight) and Calita north (six).
The success of the town hall in limiting numbers remains to be seen although Domenech announced that Denia’s Local Police, assisted by Proteccion Civil, are paying special attention to this stretch of coast and warned that drones will be used.



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