Holidaymakers to Spain’s Balearic Islands Misery as New Beach Rules Uncovered

25 people in 10m x 10m area

Holidaymakers in Mallorca and Ibiza could be facing strict time limits on how long they are allowed to spend on the beach.

TOURISTS, local residents and businesses will have to adhere to new regulations drawn up by the Balearic government. The new regulations say each beach user should have a space of four square metres and the distance between groups (a maximum of 25 people, with a total area of 100 square metres, 10m x 10m), must be one and a half metres.

Benidorm Council has already indicated that if the crowds get too much on the resort’s famous beaches, it will consider dividing the day in two, with sunbathing and swimming shifts first in the morning and then in the afternoon in a bid to double capacity.

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Restaurants and bar-cafeterias must limit their capacity to 75 per cent in indoor spaces while all entertainment and catering establishments have to close at 2am. Bars must close at 10pm.

The common areas of hotels and tourist accommodation cannot exceed 75 per cent of their capacity and entertainment activities or group classes must be designed and planned with a maximum capacity of 25 people.

In Magaluf, the West End of Sant Antoni and certain areas of Playa de Palma, there is a blanket ban on the opening of all nightclubs, regardless of their size, however, they can open their terraces provided no more than 100 people are seated and social distancing is respected.


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