Children of French Islamic Jihadist fighters Secretly Flown into France

Convoy transporting orphans of French jihadists from airport near Paris. image credit: FRN 24

The French government has announced that 10 children of French jihadist fighters have been flown to France from a refugee camp in Syria in the last few days.

A STATEMENT from the ministry suggested all the children concerned were orphans or “humanitarian cases,” from camps in northeast Syria.

The French foreign ministry said the children had been placed in the care of social services and were receiving medical care, as of yet, no details of their parents have been released.

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France has repatriated a total of 28 children from Syria after hundreds of French citizens went to fight there joining the Islamic State group as it tried to build a caliphate.

It is understood that the children were either born there or taken to Syria by their parents.

An estimated 300 French children live in Kurdish-run refugee camps with their parents. France insists the parents must face the local justice system for their role in trying to establish a caliphate. In total, some 4,000 foreign women and 8,000 children are held in three camps for displaced people in northeast Syria.

A French jihadist, Hayat Boumedienne, has escaped custody in Syria.

According to the CAT terrorism analysis centre, 13 French jihadists including Hayat Boumedienne, the partner of one of the three men who carried out deadly terror attacks in Paris in January 2015, have escaped custody in Syria.


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