Spain’s state of alarm over at last, but face masks and social distancing stay for foreseeable future

NEW NORMAL: Travel restrictions have been lifted, but Covid-19 has not gone away CREDIT: Govern Illes Baleares Sala de Prensa

SPAIN’S state of alarm to control the spread of Covid-19 finally came to an end at midnight on Saturday after 98 days.

As from Sunday, there is free movement around the country once again and Spain’s international borders with EU member-states and Schengen Area countries, except Portugal, have reopened. Further boosting hopes that Spain’s pandemic crisis hammered tourist industry will now start to recover is last night’s news that travellers from the UK are allowed into the country without having to go into quarantine.

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CREDIT: AENA Twitter @aena

But despite the lifting of restrictions, wearing a face mask and social distancing remain very much the order of the day for the foreseeable future, the Government reminds the public.

“Use masks properly to protect yourself and to protect others”, the Health Ministry tweeted today.

The police also issued a stern warning that Covid-19 has not gone away.

“You can say it louder, but not more clearly…Keep a safe distance, use a mask, and we will avoid the domino effect.”

The latest Government figures put the number of deaths coronavirus in Spain at 28,322, with more than 245,900 infections.


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