Hotels in Costa Blanca Brit holidaymaker favourite destination Benidorm get ready for arrival of UK tourists

Benidorm Wants Brits: Mayor asks for Johnson to lift quarantine Credit: Zarateman

HOTELS in British holidaymaker favourite destination Benidorm are getting ready for the eagerly anticipated arrival of UK tourists now the Spanish government has decided they do not have to go into quarantine.

Spain opened its international borders with EU member-states and Schengen Area countries, except Portugal, today Sunday with the lifting of the state of the alarm.

Benidorm Mayor Toni Perez told Spanish media he expected the first arrivals from the UK, the Costa Blanca town’s biggest tourist market, would be holiday home owners, and said the area’s hotels are operating in terms of demand.


The Mayor pointed out that as it stands Brits returning to the UK have to go into quarantine, commenting, “that, without doubt, is another determinant when they programme their holidays.”

He predicted Benidorm could expect less British tourists this summer than usual due to the Covid-19 crisis, but said around a quarter of the town’s hotels are likely to be open.


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