Can he divide his 90 days?

How long can I stay?

You implied in a previous column, that the 90-day ‘clock’ for a tourist stay in Spain would only start ticking after the State of Alarm has ended. Does this apply to the 183-day rule as well? My flight back to the UK has been cancelled four times now so I have stayed much longer than planned, and if I return in the autumn (flights booked long ago) I could now exceed 183 days for the year. Can I subtract the period of lockdown from my time in Spain when measuring against the 183 days?
A.S. (Costa del Sol)

Think forward, not backward. The State of Alarm is now scheduled to end June 21. From that day you have the right to a tourist stay of 90 days during the following 183 days.These days need not be continuous. If you get a flight June 27, say, using up six of your days, you can return in the autumn with 84 days remaining to you. At the end of that time you must leave Spain and you may not return for at least the following 90 days.

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