Alcoholic Monkey in India Goes on a Violent Rampage Killing One Person and Injuring 250 More

Violent Rampage: Monkey in India kills one person and injures 250 more. Credit: Pexels

Kalua, the monkey at Kanpur Zoo in India, is fond of liquor and eating meat, however, this addiction caused him to go on a violent rampage, killing one person and injuring 250 more.

The primate, who will remain in a cage for a long period of time after this incident, was raised by an occultist who was very fond of alcohol and who would feed the monkey atypical food.

When this man died, Kalua developed a dangerous withdrawal syndrome from not being able to satisfy his addiction.

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They soon found him on the streets of Mirzapur where he lived, attacking anyone who crossed his path,

Kalua had already bitten more than 30 children when he was caught by the Mirzapur Forest Department team. The monkey attacked anyone who would approach but especially women and children whom he launched at and chased. Several children have had to undergo plastic surgery after the animal tore at their faces.

The vet at the centre assures that they began to give him vegetarian food after learning of his case, but that his habits did not change.


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