Spain’s PM Pedro Sanchez says it’s time to “put the country back on its feet” ahead of the lifting of State of Alarm

REGIONAL STATE OF ALARM: Sanchez tranferred the decision to autonomous communities. CREDIT: La Moncloa Twitter @desdelamoncloa

Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has told the nation “it’s time for recovery” in a live speech ahead of the lifting of the country’s 98 day State of Alarm.

As of Sunday June 21, the whole of Spain will enter what the government has classed the “new normality”.

Sanchez said: “Now it’s time for recovery, laying the foundation for a new economy”, he said, adding: “There is another lasting tribute we can pay to those who have been on the front lines and to those we have lost: to put this country back on its feet.”

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Sanchez said that “thanks to the State of Alarm we have been able to limit movements and contacts and prevent further contagion”, after it was announced coronavirus has claimed the lives of 28,315 people in Spain, with 245,268 PCR confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic.



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