Malaga has the second highest rate of C0vid-19 infections in Andalucia on Spain’s Costa del Sol

POSITIVE DATA: While Malaga has highest infection rate in Andalucia, Ministry of Health says panidemic is under control. CREDIT: Rogelia Luque Twitter

Malaga has the second highest rate of Covid-19 infections in Andalucia on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

ACCORDING to the Ministry of Health, the province has recorded 1.7 PCR confirmed positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, compared to 1.2 in the region as a whole.

Cadiz currently has 2.0 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

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By provinces, Almeria has recorded 1.3 positive cases per PCR in the last two weeks, Jaen 1.4, Granada 1.3, Seville 0.7, Cordoba 0.6 and Huelva 0.0.

But while there are still active cases, the Ministry assures that data indicates the virus is under control, and that epidemiologically it is not a concern.

It is worth noting that in order to start the de-escalation, the Ministry of Health put the ceiling at 10 cases detected by PCR per 100,000 inhabitants.

Analysis of the statistics reportedly shows from 0 to 14 years, the mortality rate is 0, from 15 to 29 it stands at 0.7 in men and 0.3 in women.

From 30 to 44 years, it is 1.0 and 0.3 respectively, and from 45 to 64 it begins to rise slightly: 10.8 in men and 3.6 in women.

From 65 to 84, the mortality rate is 80.4 in men and 40.5 in women. From 85 and over, 295.3 and 233.6 respectively.

Despite the good data in the province from an epidemiological point of view, the Ministry of Health has reiterated the importance of maintaining social distance, wearing a mask and washing hands frequently.



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