Valencia beaches open without capacity controls on Spain’s Costa Blanca

LA MALVARROSA BEACH: Considered 'outstanding'. CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons (file pic)

Valencia beaches on Spain’s Costa Blanca are open to the public without capacity controls.

THE City Council claims it doesn’t have an effective system to regulate the flow of people on its coastlines and has delegated the task of ensuring social distancing and safety measures are maintained to the Local Police.

Barcelona, A Coruña, Benidorm, Torrevieja, Gandia and Cullera are some of the municipalities that have regulated the capacity of their beaches with control systems in place to precent a resurge in Covid-19 cases.

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But Valencia, like Murcia, does not, despite having 18 kilometres of coastline, including the one considered one of the most outstanding in the urban category, the Malvarrosa.

The only rules issued by the Beaches Department are outlined in a poster, distributed in many places along the eight beaches in the city.

They indicate, among other things, a distance between people of two metres, six metres between umbrellas and the obligation to leave six metres from the shore and any towels.

Sources close to the Beaches Council assured that Local Police will monitor the number of people on Valencia’s beaches, while the maintenance of the showers and footbaths are the responsibility of the Integral Water Cycle.


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