Spanish cop in Cartagena disciplined for asking for extra Covid-19 protection calls for case against him to be closed

DISCIPLINARY CASE: An officer is accused of disrespecting his superiors. CREDIT: Guardia Civil (file pic)

A Spanish cop in Cartagena disciplined for asking for extra Covid-19 protection has asked for the case to be thrown out without sanctions.

THE Guardia Civil officer was put on ‘disciplinary leave’ at the end of March after asking his superior for more security measures after explaining he was “concerned” about the situation and “the large number of infections” that existed at that time.

He also reportedly suggested establishing shifts and fixed pairs among the 17 officers that were working at that time. The relative of one of them had tested positive for Covid-19 and a corporal remained isolated with symptoms, according to a statement.

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The officer seemingly told his sergeant that if he caught coronavirus, “he and the lieutenant would be responsible,” although he said that at no time did he address his superiors by raising his voice and always showed respect.

In mid-April, the officer, who reportedly suffers from Crohn’s disease and diabetes, again requested the implementation of measures, but his superiors told him to “stop with the protocols” and go to his doctor to sign a medical discharge.

In the end, his bosses decided to discipline the officer over a “lack of consideration or impropriety with the superiors.”

The officer, who defends his actions in a letter to the Directorate General of the Guardia Civil, claiming he has not committed “any disciplinary offence,” has asked the Lieutenant Instructor to close the file “without imposing a sanction.”


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