Sigh of relief for bars, restaurants and businesses in Catalonia, Basque Country and Cantabria as regions end State of Alarm and move into ‘new normality’

CAUTION: Catalan President Quim Torra warned the pandemic has still not been defeated CREDIT: Govern. Generalitat Twitter @govern

BARS, restaurants and businesses in Catalonia, the Basque Country and Cantabria are breathing a sigh of relief as the state of alarm comes to an end in the three regions, two days before most of Spain.

After three months of lockdown, today Friday they move into the so-called new normality, joining Galicia, which ended its State of Alarm on Monday.

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Free movement between Cantabria and the Basque Country is now permitted.

Restrictions on maximum capacities in Basque bars, cafes and restaurant have been eliminated, although there must be a 1.5-metre distance between tables. Children’s play areas and outdoor sports zones can open, with a limit of one person every four square metres.

In Cantabria the regional government has set a 75 per cent maximum capacity for bars, restaurants, shops, commercial centres, libraries, cultural centres or monuments, while fiestas, open-air dances and crowd events are banned until July 8.

In both regions social distancing, wearing face masks, hand-washing and hygiene remain the order of the day.

Catalonia, which had only had one day with the whole region in Phase three of the lockdown de-escalation, moves into what the regional government has dubbed the “resumption phase.”

There is now free movement around the region. Maximum capacity in enclosed areas is limited to 50 per cent and to 75 per cent in open areas, but only until June 25, when the rule will become no more than one person per 2.5 square metres.

Generalitat President Quim Torra warned the pandemic has still not been defeated and said it is everyone’s “civic duty” to social distance, keep daily contacts to a minimum, and stick to hygiene practices to prevent risks of infection.


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