Residents in Spain The Least Satisfied In Regard To How the Government Has Handled the Health Crisis

Least Satisfied: Spain has ranked poorly in regard to public perceptions of crisis management. Credit: Twitter

A survey conducted by the European Parliament shows that Spanish residents are the least happy about how the government has handled the health crisis caused by the coronavirus.

THE survey found that only 35 per cent of Spaniards are completely or partially satisfied with the management that the Spanish Executive has had of the coronavirus crisis, which is relatively low when compared to 63 per cent of respondents who said they were not very satisfied or 28 per cent who said they were not satisfied at all by their management.

These are the worst figures when compared to the rest of the European Member States as Spaniards show they are the least happy with their government.

The main issue is that the government has not been seen as a trustworthy and transparent source of information. Spain ranks sixth in the list of countries who least trust their national government as a source of information during the health crisis.


Most respondents have described their emotional status in regard to the crisis as one of “impotence” (43 per cent). Whilst Spain is also the country which third most cares about its health in relation to the virus, 29 per cent replied they were “very concerned about their health,” Portugal and Poland ranked first and second respectively.


  1. Basically they are just whingeing because of the length of time they have been restricted. The UK had less restrictions but look at the death toll


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