Number of Asylum Requests in Spain Has Doubled and Around 80% of Requests Come From Latin America

ASYLUM: Spain is the third most popular country for asylum seekers. Credit: Shutterstock

The number of requests from asylum seekers looking to make Spain their new home has doubled in the past year and around 80% of those requests come from individuals in South America.

Insecurity, political persecution, food and medicine shortages are some of the few reasons cited by asylum seekers.

Crime in South America has become rife over the years. Circumstances such as the lack of social services in Venezuela or the high amount of territorial confrontation in Colombia. The hundreds of incidents of gang violence and territorial confrontation in El Salvador and Honduras.

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Over the last year, Spainsh asylum offices received over 118,264 proposals from people seeking asylum. Which is double the amount they received in 2018. This high number also makes Spain the third most popular EU country amongst asylum seekers, only behind Germany and France but surpassing Greece.

The worsening of the situation in certain regions of Latin America has caused 77% of the demands to come from Venezuela, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Peru.


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