Not so peachy! Farm thieves in custody on the Costa Blanca

JAM PACKED: Three arrested after 600 kilos of stolen fruit found in car. CREDIT: Guardia Civil

Three farm thieves’ efforts proved fruitless and landed them in custody on the Costa Blanca after police found 600 kilos of stolen peaches in their car.

As part of an operation against agricultural thefts, Murcia Guardia Civil stopped a ‘suspicious vehicle’ in Cieza, and were amazed to find it jam packed with the three detainees and fruit.

The “Plan against theft on agricultural and livestock farms”, initiated in collaboration with the Local Police of Cieza, has been developed to prevent thefts of fruit and vegetable products, particularly during harvesting.

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In a statement, police said all three detainees have police records for similar activities and that they planned to sell their ill gotten gain on the streets.

The case has been referred to Cieza Court of Proceedings.


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