Katie Hopkins banned for life

Katie Hopkins banned for life

Controversial commentator Katie Hopkins has been banned for life from Twitter for consistently violating its hateful conduct policy

With over 1 million followers Ms. Hopkins, was previously suspended in January for a week.

But this time Twitter have stated this time the ban is permanent.

However, Twitter have declined to say which tweets Ms Hopkins had posted, that resulted in the ban.


“Keeping Twitter safe is a top priority for us – hateful conduct has no place on our platform and we will always take action when our rules are broken,” it said.

The cited hateful conduct policy bans promotion of violence or direct written attacks and threats on other people, based on a range of personal characteristics such as race, gender or sexual orientation.

Ms Hopkins is well-known for her media appearances and controversial right-wing viewpoints.

She has been re-tweeted in the past by US President Donald Trump on several occasions.

Twitter has also recently taken a firmer line against Mr Trump himself over tweets it says break its policies.

The US President has also seen warnings placed on some of his tweets and others hidden from general view.

But leaving such tweets up in the public interest is an exception Twitter makes for world leaders, other accounts like Ms Hopkins’ risk being suspended when they break Twitter’s rules.



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