Brazil’s Coronavirus Cases Surpass Million Mark with Covid-19 Death Toll FAST Approaching 50,000

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonara has stated on several occasions that the coronavirus is nothing more than "a little flu" that has been exaggerated by the media. CREDIT: Twitter

Today Brazil has confirmed that the number of coronavirus cases in the country now exceeds one million, since the pandemic started four months ago.

The death toll from the disease is also fast approaching 50,000. According to the country’s health authority, which collects data directly from the regional health bodies across 27 states, Brazil has now registered around 1,009,699 cases to date. It also confirmed that the death toll from the disease now stands at around 48,427.

Brazil continues to be the second country in the world with the most number of Covid-19 cases and fatalities from the disease, after the US. The US has registered 2,286,093 cases to date and around 121,221 deaths from the disease, according to Worldometer. However, according to a latest prediction, Brazil is on course to overtake the US Covid-19 death toll by August, as reported.

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