2,000 plants to enjoy a night with the classics

Theatre full of plantlfe

Barcelona’s Liceu opera house reopens on June 22 with a concert for 2,292 plants. Whilst us mere humans will have to tune in on YouTube.

Concert for the Biocene will feature Puccini’s ‘Crisantemi’ on strings.

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Eugenio Ampudia, the artist behind the concert, gushed: “At a time when an important part of humankind has shut itself up in enclosed spaces and been obliged to relinquish movement, nature has crept forward to occupy the spaces we have ceded. And it has done so at its own rhythm, according to its patient biological cycle. Can we broaden our empathy and bring it to bear on other species?

“Let’s start by using art and music and inviting nature into a great concert hall.”

Not so much invited as carried in and unless they’re triffids, incapable of voting with their feet. But they’re quiet and don’t fidget.
Whats next? Performing ballet for a theatre full of flamingos?


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