Time for municipal pool modernisations in Vera on Spain’s Costa Almeria

NEEDED: The facilities are in a pretty poor state, according to Vera’s Infrastructure and Sport councillor CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Vera

TWELVE years after it first opened its doors, Vera’s municipal indoor pool is set to undergo a series of modernisations.

CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Vera

Now is the time for a major investment in the pool “to update and improve the facilities and to be able to offer a better quality of service to everyone using the sports complex,” commented Vera mayor Jose Carmelo Jorge Blanco.

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According to Infrastructure and Sport councillor Alfonso Garcia the facilities are in a really pretty bad state, and local residents have been calling for something to be done.

He explained the council is investing €350,000 in the project. The plans include installing solar energy systems to heat the pool and provide power to the facilities, and a completely new ventilation system.

Repairs will be carried out to the pools themselves, as well as to windows, walls and façades.

The council will take advantage of the works to install electrical vehicle charge points.

Garcia also explained the pool will have to remain closed while the works are being carried out. The aim is to get the job done in the summer months and cause the least possible inconvenience to pool users, he said.


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