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As you can probably imagine, this week I truly had no idea where to start.

Events taking place this past week or so have left me disgusted, saddened, angry and in utter despair. To me, one thing that has been made perfectly clear is that these BLM demonstrations and riots have managed to create more racial divisions in society than any other movement in living memory. People who previously never had a racist bone in their bodies have been virtually thrown into a mix which is dividing neighbours, breaking down friendships and even causing rifts in families. Racism is now rife. So well done all the marchers protesting against… Yep, you’ve guessed it… Racism!

To be frank, apart from the horrendous and utterly unacceptable way George Floyd was murdered, it seems pretty obvious to me that to present a vicious, armed robbing thug, who was a career criminal high on drugs, as an example of black culture, is hardly the brightest way to gain sympathy or support for a cause, however well-intentioned. And do you know something? Despite all the protesting and postulating, I’m still not entirely clear what they actually want? The UK is not the USA. In Britain, it appears to me that if you are ethnic or black you often seem to have even more opportunities than the white population.

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Many are chosen for positions specifically because they have these backgrounds! Police recruitment schemes, the BBC and a whole spate of recent TV commercials immediately spring to mind. You certainly don’t see advertisements asking people to apply for positions purely because they are white, the outcry would be humungous! As far as stop and search is concerned, the problem there is that the percentage of criminality, particularly among young black men, is so high it stands to reason they are going to be targeted. I can’t think of a bigger waste of police time than patting down old white ladies for weapons or drugs.

As for the opposition to a number of statues, these memorials are not exhibited to glorify slavery; they are erected to commemorate the achievements and efforts of historical figures. Ironically many of these ‘plinth occupiers’ are actually responsible for the democratic and liberal society that enables these protests to be allowed in the first place. No, this is another blatant attempt to erode and airbrush the British heritage and culture out of existence. What they hope to replace it with I can’t begin to imagine! Whatever it turns out to be, you can rest assured it will include no encouragement of free speech, or enjoy the unbiased democratic way of life our ancestors fought and died for.

I actually think there is a New World Order approaching, (like a thief in the night!) the instigators of which must be rubbing their hands at the chaos being caused by all this unrest. Get the Onesies out, Orwellian doctrine is on the horizon, and the luvvies, lefties and ‘wokers’ have only themselves to blame.
Keep the faith


  1. The author complains about free speech whilst comments in disagreement with the content of the article are deleted by moderators. The hypocrisy neither begins nor ends there. Delusional.

    • Actually Lou, your entire observation was too long to be included in comments so has been published in full on the Euro Weekly News website. We only discard comments which are vulgar, insulting, racist or pure spam but as yours was none of these and was a detailed explanation of your feelings, it deserved to be made available to our readers.

  2. The article is, as Lou has said, delusional. Yes the UK is not the US but if you think racism is not still alive and kicking (long before the riots) then you are living in cloud cuckoo land. It’s all a bit more polite here of course, but scratch the surface and it’s well and truly entrenched. Just one example. The Bishop of York (originally from Nigeria) compared notes with our Conservative MP Peter Bottomley when they were both working on the Stephen Lawrence enquiry. In 8 years, the Bishop was stopped by Police when driving 8 times; the MP was stopped just once.
    Those who break the law are more than 6 times likely to be imprisoned FOR THE SAME OFFENCE as a whiter criminal.
    The idea that being black somehow gives you an advantage in UK society is laughable.

    As for division, the U.K. Was already divided and in my experience in the last couple of weeks, it has actually done exactly the opposite – people from all sections of the community coming together and wanting to learn more.

  3. Mr.Lee. Once again you demonstrate a myopic view of current events. Nobody is trying to make George Floyd some kind of folk hero. It is precisely the manner in which he was murdered that has galvanized, at last, the outpouring of emotion that is long overdue. You claim that the protests which people like yourself and the child in the White House are connected to the right wing extremist gangs whose job is to provoke violence and thereby undermine the legitimacy of peaceful protest. It is the oldest trick in the world to turn public opinion against anyone who dares to confront the status quo which is what is going on. Systemic racism by some police groups is a despicable fact of life. You clearly are unable or unwilling to confront that part of your own bias that you express relentlessly in your crass postings. As a convicted violent offender yourself, it’s a bit rich for you to prattle on about the failings of others. George Floyd has woken up the world to what needs to be addressed now.
    You are not helping the situation by encouraging the basest instincts of humanity to flourish. Again. Shame on you.

  4. Keep up with the common sense Leapy, it shouldn’t need explaining but thats what snowflakes need. Spell it out for them, we allow them to rape, steal and murder because its their ‘culture’? ha, they wouldn’t know culture if it bit their butt. Its just plain old common sense, Dr Spock logic, Black or White. No need for world turmoil just because The USA lost another drug dealer.


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