Spain’s Catalonia Readies to Enter ‘New Normal’ From Midnight Today

Catalunia's President Quim Torra prepares the region to enter the 'new normal' from tomorrow. Credit: Twitter @AndyVermaut

Catalonian President Quim Torra has announced that he will lift the State of Alarm from midnight, so Catalonia can enter the ‘New Normal’ from tomorrow, albeit with a few restrictions.

Barcelona and Lleida, however, will only have spent one day in Phase 3 of de-escalation before entering the ‘New Normal’ with the rest of the region. The Ministry of Health has allowed the two provinces access to Phase 3 earlier than expected, which means that Torra is now free to allow the whole region access to the ‘New Normal.’

However, Torra warned the region’s citizens that he would not hesitate to make “whatever decisions are necessary” to ensure their safety should another outbreak or second wave of the Covid-19 infection occur. “We must be ensure caution even after the State of Alarm,” he added. Catalonia is the second region to enter the new normal, after Galicia, which lifted the State of Alarm earlier this week on Monday June 16.

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