Spain Admits Increase in Covid-19 Deaths & Almost 53,000 People With Coronavirus Symptoms

Fernando Simón, Spain's Director of the Centre of Cooordination for Health Alerts and Emergencies CREDIT: Ministry of Health

According to the Ministry of Health, Spain has registered 52 Covid-19 deaths over the last seven days, and around 53,000 citizens displaying coronavirus symptoms.

THE country’s total death tally from the disease has not been updated for the last 12 days by the Health Ministry, so remains frozen at 27,136. However, the government has confirmed that the death figures will be updated tomorrow.

Fernando Simon, Director of Health Alerts and Emergencies at Spain’s Ministry of Health, has also admitted there have been a few recent outbreaks of the disease around the country, and approximately 52,830 people have displayed ‘Covid-19 symptoms.’ “Around 91 per cent of these people have been tested and awaiting results,” stated Simon during the press conference this evening.

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Approximately 143 new Covid-19 cases have been registered in the last 24 hours, compared to 141 yesterday, as reported.  Again like yesterday, the majority of new cases have been diagnosed in Madrid (69), followed by Catalonia (16) and the Canary Islands (14).

Around 2,000 Covid-19 patients remain hospitalised across Spain, of which 312 are receiving intensive care treatment. Nevertheless, Simon assured the nation that overall the country is “maintaining a steady decline in both deaths from the disease and new Covid-19 cases.”



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