Over Three-Quarters of Spain’s Population Report ‘Worsening’ Eyesight During Lockdown

The report attributes the “worsening eyesight” to long hours of remote working in front of a computer screen. CREDIT: Pixabay

Over three-quarters of the Spanish population report ‘worsening eyesight’ as a result of the country’s confinement measures during the State of Alarm.

According to a study carried out by Spain’s eye specialists and opticians Multiopticas, approximately 76.4 per cent Spaniards have noted that their eyesight worsened during the country’s lockdown. In fact, the report entitled ‘Telling Insights,’ revealed that the health of eyes of people across all age groups – from adults to young children – had been affected. Of those affected, 30.1 per cent reported a substantial visual impairment, with 7 per cent suffering “severe damage to their eyesight,” according to the report.

Multiopticas attributes the “worsening eyesight” to long hours of remote working while sitting in front of a computer screen – for both adults and children – resulting in a lot of eye strain. Too much artificial light and a lack of fresh air and daylight did not help, concluded the study.


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