Murcia will NOT be physically limiting capacity on its Costa Blanca beaches

NO PHYSICAL LIMITS: Cala Cortina beach. CREDIT: Flickr

Murcia will NOT be physically limiting capacity on its Costa Blanca beaches, and is instead asking sun seekers to ‘be responsible’ when it comes to social distanciing.

MINISTER of Health, Manuel Villegas, is asking that a safety distance of one-and-a-half metres be maintained between bathers, but has delegated the responsibility to the public.

According to Villegas, the characteristics of the coast of Murcia and its 200 beaches and coves make it “unfeasible to implement measures comparable to those implemented by other regions,” so there will be no investment in capacity control systems or police to enforce them.

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The local government says “the key lies in the individual responsibility of citizens,” and with so many spots to choose from, the huge crowds expected in Benidorm, for example, are not anticipated.

“The internal and international borders will be opened and we are entering a vital stage in which we do not know what will happen, so the responsibility of each individual is vital,” added Villegas.

The Minister this afternoon highlighted the example of ‘responsibility’ shown during the coronavirus pandemic and called for ‘this attitude to be maintained’ by wearing masks and keeping minimum distances in public spaces.

Other new normal measures approved from Monday include a maximum capacity of 75 per cent in hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes. Social distancing must be adhered to and masks are mandatory.

Open air events will be allowed a maximum of 500 people, with a limit of 200 at indoor events.

And discos can open, but no dancing.


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