More Confusion as Police in Malaga Spain Heavily Fine a Live Music Bar Holding Twice the Legal Limit of Customers

Bars in Malaga were fined due to over capacity and live music. image credit : TA

Local Police in Malaga denounced a bar with music that far exceeded the capacity allowed, its capacity on the licence is 66 people, but the State of Alarm limits it to 44 – Officers verified during the ‘raid’ that there were a total of 97 people inside, far exceeding twice what was allowed.

On Wednesday night the Local Police carried out a total of 246 controls in establishments in order to guarantee compliance with the security measures decreed by the central government, a total of 9,661 are on-record since the interventions began from the phases of de-escalation.

The confusion arises as many live-music bars on the Costa del Sol have delayed opening as they have been advised to stay closed until it is officially allowed to put music back on. Many bar owners have been struggling to keep afloat during the lockdown, indeed many have ceased trading, never to return. Upon reading this I’m sure they will calling their ‘gestors’ or local town hall to find out if it’s ok to start with music again, after all, music is the heart and soul of the Costa del Sol and one of the reasons tourist flood the coast every year.

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In total, 93 establishments have been denounced for violating the regulations and thousands of euros of fines have been dished out, we all must wait until after June 21 to see exactly what we can and cannot do, otherwise, the little ‘pink’ book will come out again… TW.



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