Man in Spain’s Murcia Makes His Wish Come True and Gets Sent To Jail After Committing Three Crimes in One Night

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A MAN with a slightly disturbing wish in Spain’s Murcia has seen it come true, as police send him to jail after committing three crimes in one night.

According to news sources, the detainee is a 41-year-old man who suffers from drug addiction.

During the State of Alarm, the man had been arrested various times but he had always been released without jail time.

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However, on Sunday his wish came true as he committed three violent robberies in one night and was sent to jail.

The first was at the Reina Sofia hospital when he pushed a woman onto the floor as she was going to her work and snatched her mobile phone.

The second robbery happened at a taxi rank in the Carmen neighbourhood. The thief demanded the driver give him all of his money whilst he was holding a large knife, however, he was unsuccessful as the driver deflected the weapon and the thief ran.

Finally, the detainee committed a robbery at a petrol station on the El Palmar highway.

When police found the man he was pleading that the officers arrest him and lock him up, or else he would continue with his criminal activity as this was how he would fuel his drug addiction.


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