Man in Costa del Sol’s Malaga Arrested For Swindling Almost €70,000 in National Medical Supplies Fraud

PPE Fraud: Man in Malaga Arrested for Fraud. Credit: Pixabay

A 36-year-old Spanish man has been arrested by the National Police in Costa del Sol’s Malaga for defrauding €69,500 from customers. The fraudulent distributor sold fake Covid-19 protection material, such as latex masks and gloves, all merchandise that never reached the recipients.

THE investigation began earlier this month after the National Police received two complaints, one made in Castellon and another in Badajoz, about two scams made to companies in the health sector.

These companies placed their orders for medical supplies and never received the merchandise despite making bank transfers for the orders.

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So far, three victims have been located in Castellon, Badajoz and Madrid, who had paid €542, €6,000 and €63,000, respectively.

According to the police, the total value of the scam amounts to €69,500. They have intervened false invoices in this case which account for €40,000. This investigation led to the arrest of the fraudulent distributor.



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