Lockdown Brought Many Families Closer So Celebrate UK Father’s Day this Sunday

Fathers are important especially when you are very young Credit: Pixabay

IN Spain and many other Catholic countries, Father’s Day is celebrated on March 19 which is St Joseph’s feast day and this was first recorded in the early 16th century but for the UK it’s this coming Sunday, June 21.

It is always the third Sunday in June, but unlike Spain, the British only appear to have really made it a special day following the end of the Second World War.

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Some consider it yet another marketing ploy especially as it’s an excuse for record companies to recycle old music just right for dad whilst others think it’s nice to pay tribute to many fathers around the country who work hard for their children.

It’s not as popular as Mother’s Day which is almost guaranteed to include breakfast in bed, a card, flowers, chocolates and a nice lunch, but it’s still a positive event especially in a time such as this when families have been forced to spend so much time together and hopefully forge new long lasting bonds.


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