Health and Beauty News: Smooth Operator

Pressure drop: Keep a light touch and hold back on pushing too hard. Credit: Shutterstock

FOR some women, shaving irritation is a big problem meaning that they can only shave every other day. A safety razor is the best thing for achieving a smooth shave.

Two important points for shaving are that it is essential to avoid using soap and never try to shave with dry skin. With the right amount of pressure, you can have an irritation-free experience without having to shave a couple of times.

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Hair grows in all directions so, remember, you don’t always have to shave upwards, try shaving in different directions. Some plastic razors will not allow you to shave with the grain in the same direction as your hair is growing. You will find that with a proper safety razor, you don‘t have to shave over the area again and again.

The main cause of irritation is too much pressure between the razor and your skin. Keep a light touch and hold back on the pressure over areas like shins, kneecaps, and ankles to avoid cuts.  Angle your razor at about 30 degrees from your skin and hold your skin taught with one hand as you shave.


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