German Meatpacking Plant in Isolation as 6,500 People Forced into Quarantine

Thousands forced into self-isolation due to coronavirus outbreak at German meatpacking plant. image credit: AFP

Officials in northwestern Germany have ordered the closure of local schools after more than 600 workers at a meat-processing plant tested positive for ovid-19.

THIS is not the first time this has happened, a series of similar outbreaks have been blamed on poor working conditions and crowded housing. The slaughterhouse has registered a massive outbreak of the coronavirus with roughly two-thirds of the test results returning as positive.

Operations at the site have been suspended since Wednesday afternoon. Over 1,000 workers have been tested so far, with thousands of others still awaiting testing. They and the people they came into contact with have been told to remain in quarantine until they receive their results.

A spokesman for the company that operates the site, the Tönnies Group, has issued an apology…


Catholic priest Peter Kossen, who provides pastoral care to many workers in the meat industry, called for meat processing companies to improve conditions for workers.

“Women and men are simply worn out by these living and working conditions. They are treated as if they had no human dignity as if they were third-class citizens,” he said, “As long as you don’t change this structure, you will always have these mass outbreaks in the meat industry.”




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