From Applauding Medics to Applauding Tourists: Tourism Pilot Test in Spain’s Holiday Island of Mallorca

Testing Tourism: Germans on Their Flight to Mallorca. Credit: Twitter

The coronavirus crisis has undoubtedly been an eventful experience, in Spain, residents have gone from applauding medics each day to applauding the tourists who have been arriving at the holiday island of Mallorca.

THIS week German tourists started arriving in Mallorca as part of a special tourism pilot test led by TUI.

Only last year, walking through the boarding gates at arrivals was something typical that thousands of tourists did every day without notice.

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This year, things are very different. German tourists were received amongst applauses, cheers and mobs of reporters all trying to get the inside scoop of how these nationals will help re-activate the tourism sector in Spain.

Months ago, applauses were dedicated to the medical staff for trying to get Spain out of the health crisis it was facing, now our applauses are directed to the tourists for trying to get Spain out of the current economic crisis we are facing.

Thousands of jobs and businesses, not only in Mallorca but beyond, are explicitly dependent on the influx of foreigners and therefore this pilot test is essential to guarantee their profitability and survival.


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