Clandestine cockfighting pit uncovered on Spain’s Costa Almeria

DISCOVERED: Police came across the pit between a house used for drug sales and a property housing an indoor marijuana plantation CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

POLICE uncovered a clandestine cockfighting pit in a house in Almeria City during a raid in an illegal drug sales operation.

Investigations into the goings on at the two-storey property in the Chanca neighbourhood of the city began in December last year. Surveillance of the house showed there were an awful lot of comings and goings.

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Further investigations revealed there was almost certainly an indoor marihuana plantation in a warehouse connected to the house by a covered yard.

Police carried out searches in both properties plus the home of one of the detainees. That was when they found the cockfighting pit between the warehouse and the house used as a drug sales point. Officers also discovered some 100 roosters in cages in what police said were highly unhealthy conditions.

CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

It was clear one of the birds had been used in a fight. It was taken to the Almeria Municipal Animal Health Centre for treatment for its injuries.

The operation ended with two arrests, the seizure of a gun, 76 marihuana plants and nearly €1,700 in cash.

CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

The detainees, aged 50 and 54, and both with police records, are now facing charges for drug trafficking, defrauding the power supply, illegal arms ownership and animal mistreatment.


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