Man in Spain’s Burgos Dies After Being Crushed By His Own Car Whilst He Fixed It

Terrible Accident: Man Ran Over By His Own Car Credit: Pexels

A 69-year-old man in Spain’s Burgos, unfortunately, passed away whilst he was trying to fix his car which ended up running him over

THE incident occurred a little before 2.30pm when the Emergency Services in Castilla y Leon were informed about the tragic accident.

The man was severely injured and unconscious when his own vehicle ran him over and crushed him.

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The Guardia Civil and Ambulance service in Burgos was called to the scene, however, the personnel could only confirm his death when they arrived and therefore, they cancelled the medicalised helicopter which was also on its way.

The Guardia Civil’s investigations deduced that the man had been run over and crushed by his own vehicle which he was trying to fix when the horrible accident happened.


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