Latest technology prevent C0vid-19 infections in Adra care home on Spain’s Costa Almeria

EXTRA: The robot “considerably reinforces prevention mechanisms”, the Mayor commented. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

ADRA is employing the latest technology to prevent Covid-19 infections in its care home.

The municipality has presented a US robot acquired by a multi-services company, which according to the local authority is supposed to break down nearly 100 per cent of the CoV-2 virus which causes Covid-19.

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Adra Mayor Manuel Cortes said the acquisition of the machine is “great news for Adra because it considerably reinforces the prevention mechanisms, as well as making it the first municipality in the whole of Andalucia with this technology.”

The service chief of the company which has the robot revealed it was worth nearly €100,000.

“It will allow us to increase still further, if possible, means of protection”; Moises Valdivia maintained.

The council reported the robot gives off ultraviolet light and makes it possible to eliminate nearly all the DNA of microorganisms.

“In hardly two minutes, the room is completely disinfected and users can enter without having to wait a while”, a local authority statement enthused.

The council also stressed that in order to guarantee safety the machine works in areas which are completely closed off and without anyone inside.


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