Granada’s Famous Tourist Attraction La Alhambra Re-Opens Its Doors At 50% Capacity

Granada panorama waiting to be discovered.

Today is the first day in which Granada’s famous tourist attraction, La Alhambra, will re-open its doors to accommodate for tourists but under strict regulations which cater to the coronavirus crisis.

Around 70% of its staff is back at work to help guide and service the 4,250 daily visitors, only half of what it is used to accommodating.

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Capacity for the facility will be controlled at the ticket office and with online sales. There will be vertical and horizontal signage around the facility to help “sensitize visitors” about the flow of movement and encourage social distancing.

Visitors will also be able to download the map of the monument via a QR code, which comes with an informative poster about the new rules and recommendations during the visit.

The Alhambra is also starting a new access system built on transparency and security, in which visitors can enter the monument by showing their personal identification, be it a passport or national ID card.




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