France’s healthcare workers take to Paris streets to protest about hospital funding

Healthcare workers protest in Paris Credit: Twitter

HEALTHCARE workers in France were on Tuesday protesting against lack of hospital funding after being rallied to march by several unions.

Union CGT said that a total of 250 marches had included thousands of angry workers such as doctors, nurses, care assistants and care home workers.

Although the rallies were mostly peaceful and gained support from police officers some did prompt violence in certain areas, leading to 32 arrests.

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Although, the public had tried to shop their appreciation throughout the crisis by clapping health workers have claimed they felt abandoned.

In Paris, violence reared its ugly head when some had become aggressive towards the police and damaged buildings and vehicles. However, Patrick Pelloux, president of L’Association des Médecins Urgentistes Hospitaliers de France said they were “just hooligans; ultra-violent idiots.”

The Police Nationale de Loire-Atlantique said on a Twitter comment, that the negative actions had been caused by “hostile individuals” and that “a violent group threw projectiles at the law enforcement officers.”



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