Fernando Simon Explains Why Spain’s Ministry of Health Is “Not Inclined” To Test Tourists for Covid

PCR Testing: Not a feasible option for Spain Credit: EPA

In a press conference, Fernando Simon, the director of the Centre for Coordination of Emergencies and Health Alerts has explained why Spain’s Ministry of Health is “not inclined” to test tourists when they arrive.

THIS has been a recurring measure that the Canary Islands has asked the central government to approve.

The regional Canary government proposed that all people outside the Schengen area should take a PCR test, whilst at least 25 per cent of tourists from within the Schengen area should also be subjected to a PCR test.

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The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, also sent a letter to Pedro Sanchez in which she urges him to implement a protocol which will prevent Madrid’s airport from becoming a gateway for the virus, in the letter she even proposes cancelling flights to and from high-risk destinations if the situation deteriorates in the future.

However, Simon argues that there are too many logistical and health aspects which must first be analysed before agreeing to such drastic measures.

For example, a person who tested positive must isolate himself, although someone who may have falsely tested negative could still have it and this then gives them a sense of false security.

He then argues about the need to follow up on all those who have tested negative to ensure they do not begin showing symptoms after testing. Blowing this up on scale such as Malaga’s airport which receives thousands of passengers each week would be very difficult to manage.


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