Expat arrested on drugs charges at UK port

Delivery company: One of Kerbey's delivery vans. Pic: Facebook

A BRIT who fled to Spain 13 years ago has been arrested in the UK for allegedly smuggling in £500,000 worth of drugs.

Paul Kerbey, who owns a removals company operating out of Malaga, was arrested at Portsmouth docks conspiring to import 84.8kg of cannabis into the UK. He appeared before magistrates and was remanded in custody until his trial at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Former estate agent Kerbey, who was originally from Cambridgeshire, advertised on Facebook that his removals company made regular trips to and from the UK from Spain and said “we transport anything you need to take there or bring back at a very good rate.”


An English businessman who subcontracts the firm from Kerbey is now working with the courts and HM Customs to retrieve belongings of clients that were impounded by police when Kerbey was arrested.


  1. Paul Kerbey is a rude ignorant man. I was one of several customers who had belongings on his vehicle which siezed due to his illegal activities.

    He is now on bail and therefore I contacted him to respectfully pay back the money I paid him in advance plus the cost incurred to hire a van to collect my items from Portsmouth Dock.

    Apparently I am being unreasonable and he has now blocked me so that I am unable to contact him further.

    He has also been extremely rude to another customer.

    Im not a happy customer to say the least !


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