Doctors in Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca Advise Against Using Hydro-Alcoholic Gel at the Beach

Watch Out: Dangerous Side-Effects of Santising Gel. Credit: Twitter

Doctors across Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca have advised beachgoers to refrain from using hydro-alcoholic gel at the beach this summer.

SINCE the coronavirus crisis erupted worldwide, cleaning your hands before and after any activity has become like second nature.

Now that Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca enjoy more freedom and residents are constantly on the go, the sale of hydro-alcoholic gels has sky-rocketed. However, this easy method of keeping clean also has some dangerous downfalls.

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Doctor Marta Frieyro, the dermatologist at the Quironsalud Marbella Hospital, has warned that using the sanitising gel when sunbathing at the beach could be extremely harmful to the epidermis and cause severe burns.

The doctor explains that the “high percentage of alcohol, in combination with the sunlight, can cause burns to the skin.” She sends a special warning to families as “young children” have the “most sensitive skin.”

The best alternative is to wash your hands with soap and water which is completely safe and will not harm the epidermis.


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