China’s Peking Disinfects all Markets, Restaurants & Unis to Stamp out Covid-19

Peking starts disinfecting city amid coronavirus outbreak. Credit: Twitter

Peking’s health authority has announced that it has started to disinfect all markets, restaurants and university campuses, after the latest Covid-19 outbreak in a bid to stamp out the virus.

ALL staff at these establishments are also being tested for the virus, according to the health department. The country’s health Spokesperson Xu Hejian, confirmed in a press briefing that all markets, restaurants and eateries will also be inspected. This measure has been taken after the capital has raised its health level alert from three to two, after an outbreak in the capital, which has resulted in 137 cases since last Thursday.

In the early hours of yesterday morning, Peking disinfected 276 food markets, 11 underground markets as well as 33,173 food ‘home-delivery’ services. Xu stated that the capital’s health department aims to have at least all the markets and restaurants disinfected by today. In an interview with Global Times, one of the waiters from the Xinfadi market, reported to be the epicentre of the outbreak, confirmed that all staff have also been tested for the coronavirus.

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According to the same report, employees of five restaurants in Peking’s largest shopping centres have also been tested for the virus. In addition, the country has cancelled over 1,000 flights in and out of Beijing, after the alarm was raised over fears of a new outbreak of coronavirus, as reported.


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