Brother of French criminal Redoine Faïd charged with aiding his escape in 2018

French robber Redoine Faïd. Credit: Twitter

THE brother of Redoine Faïd, the famous repeat robber, who was with him in the visiting room at the time of his escape from Réau prison in the summer of 2018, has just been charged.

For a long time, Brahim Faïd was considered as collateral damage, a victim abused by his brother. But the sixty-something may not have been so different from his brother Redoine.

According to sources close to the investigation, the older brother of the Faïd family back in police custody on Monday in Versailles.

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After 48 hours of hearing, he was indicted on Wednesday by the examining magistrates responsible for clarifying the escape of his brother for a host of offences, including criminal association. The Paris public prosecutor’s office requested his detention on remand, where several members of Redoine Faïd’s family are already.

At the time of his escape, Redoine Faïd had three visitation rights at Réau prison. Among them, his older brother Brahim. On June 30 at 1.45 pm on the eve of the escape, he had already visited his brother. After this meeting, Redoine Faïd had asked the prison administration to bring forward the meeting the next day with Brahim to 9 am and pointed out that he wanted to see the World Cup match which took place at 1.45 pm the same day.

At 11.15 am on July 1, Brahim Faïd was in the company of his brother when a helicopter loaded with armed men landed in the prison yard before attacking the heavy door with a grinder, allowing the robber to flee. At 11.30 am, Brahim Faïd was briefly placed in police custody before being released for lack of charges.

Investigators suspect that he did indeed have knowledge of the plan and provided logistical support.


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