Man Arrested for Reckless Manslaughter in Costa del Sol’s Estepona as Wild British Neighbour Dies on His Front Doorstep!

Reckless Manslaughter: Wild British Man Dies in Estepona Credit: Shutterstock

A British man has died in Costa del Sol’s Estepona and now his 65-year-old neighbour, also a British national is under arrest for allegedly committing reckless manslaughter.

This troubling tale involves two expats in the El Paraiso urbanization, located in Estepona.

The deceased, a 36-year-old Brit, was known for causing disturbances to his neighbours by wildly jumping over their fences and running around the street in his underwear. So much so, that the Local Police had been to kick him out.

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The Brit also installed security cameras for work and a camera which he had installed at his neighbours erringly captured his own death on video.

On Monday night, at around 11:00 p.m., emergency services were alerted about a man with serious injuries in Estepona.

The chilling security footage shows how the half-naked man crawls on the floor trying to enter his neighbour’s house. Allegedly, the neighbour is seen pulling his arm back to get him out, which causes him to fall and whack his head, shortly after he begins convulsing from the mouth and dies.

The investigations deduced that the man had died whilst consuming illegal narcotics, however, the cause of death is still unknown.

Now forensics are trying to deduce if the man died from the blow to the head or from the drugs he had consumed. Nevertheless, his neighbour is now under arrest for the possible crime of reckless manslaughter.


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